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Our Story

A+W is a socially-conscious retailer offering a curated selection of creative and quality products that are made in the USA, give back or goods we’re simply passionate about. We believe strongly in supporting American, Fair Trade, and sustainably produced goods. This means that all items in the shop have been carefully sourced with quality and process in mind. Whether it’s beauty in the details or how and where the products are made, they have a story to tell. We wish to tell these stories. Every product sold creates positive change in the world directly through the maker or our own social advocacy model.

As we continue to grow, our goal is to provide community workshops and events encouraging intentional relationships. 

Giving is a part of our DNA. It is who we are. 
So we are committed to donating 20% of our profits to organizations doing world-changing work right here in the US and globally in any of the following five areas:

– Human-Trafficking awareness, prevention, and rehabilitation
– Providing clean water
– Fighting hunger
– Caring for the homeless, widows and orphans
– Providing education

A+W seeks to reach those who want to make a positive impact in the world simply through the act of gaining a product you love. No matter how small your investment may seem —you become a voice to tell its story. Together we can make a difference. We are made for hope.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
Hebrews 6:19 NIV

At the beginning of 2017, we closed our brick and mortar and will be focusing online until the opportunity arises to open a new location.